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Sustainable power

With 89% of global CO2 emissions coming from fossil fuels and industry, the only way to stop global warming is to switch to renewable energy. With 36 years of experience in power electronics, Powtech is therefore developing a variety of cleantech power systems for a sustainable future. 

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Solar Energy: With fossil fuels dominating electricity production in an increasingly power-hungry world, solar energy is emerging as a winner in tropical countries like India as a clean energy alternative. Statcon Powtech has designed and manufactured the full spectrum of solar generation, storage, and export solutions for applications ranging from remote households to large industries.  

Electric Mobility: IC Engine emissions are a significant contributor to global warming. To facilitate the transition to electric vehicles, Powtech has developed and deploy an array of batteries, battery management, and battery charging systems. 

Green Hydrogen:  As a 100% sustainable, non-polluting energy source, Green Hydrogen is a promising clean technology. Powtech’s high-efficiency rectifier systems provide a crucial role in the hydrogen production stage of the technology. 

MPPT vs PWM: Which Solar Charge Controller is Right for You?

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Solar Energy


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Solar Energy

Electric Mobility

Green Hydrogen


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