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Home Lighting System

home light system

Home light system


Enriched MPPT technology

EnrichedMPPT technology to extract the maximum possible solar energy with 99% algorithm efficiency.

SolarSafe technology increased tolerance to microcracks and hotspots.

Design Life up-to 10 years @27°C.

FullExport best in class conversion efficiency upto 21%.

Electric energy is the lifeline of today’s world. But unfortunately, there are millions of houses in the world that are still unelectrified. Due to its abundance and affordability, solar energy is the new hope for all these people. Statcon Powtech has therefore introduced Lit-Home, a unit which consists of MPPT based charge controller along with crucial items for daily use – 2 DC-operated LED lamps, a tube light, mobile phone charger, fan, battery, solar panel and inbuilt distribution board.

Key Features

Microcontroller-based design

MPPT controlled charging having high efficiency of up to 99%, and device efficiency > 92%

Inbuilt mobile phone battery charger & Data storage (for up to 3 months)

Protection against low voltage, reverse polarity and overcharge

Automatic Float-Boost charging

Separate battery current limit and total current limit

Allows communication via Bluetooth

Ability to drive up to 125W load

types available to drive 24V and 48V batteries

Technical Specifications


Farmhouses, Schools, and Offices

Rural Electrification

Remote Sites

Rural Health Schemes

Oil & Gas pipelines



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