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Powtech Sensors & Controllers

Solar Irradiance & Temperature Sensors and MPPT-based Solar Charge Controllers

The Powtech X Factor

Powtech Sensors & Controllers are the market’s only products with


95% measurement accuracy under a variety of conditions, certified by MNRE.

Enriched MPPT technology

EnrichedMPPT technology to extract the maximum possible solar energy with 99% algorithm efficiency.


Solar Irradiance Sensor


Introducing SunSense by Statcon Powtech, the pinnacle of PV monitoring technology. Our solar irradiance sensor is meticulously crafted with a monocrystalline silicon cell and specialized solar glass lamination, ensuring exceptional stability and accuracy.

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SunSense Pro

Solar Irradiance Sensor with self-cleaning technology.


It retains all the exceptional features of Sunsense, including the monocrystalline silicon cell and specialized solar glass lamination, while introducing a cutting-edge self-cleaning mechanism. This advancement ensures consistent, accurate data collection for solar energy systems, delivering heightened efficiency and reliability.

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller


Discover the pinnacle of solar innovation with Statcon Powtech's Solar Charge Controllers. Elevate your photovoltaic systems with our state-of-the-art technology, engineered to boost energy harvest significantly. Harnessing the power of advanced microprocessors, our controllers ensure a 30% increase in energy transfer efficiency compared to traditional counterparts.​

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