Solar Tubular Battery

High Performance Lead Acid Battery

Statcon Powtech’s solar batteries are rechargeable, tubular batteries that can be used to store solar energy. Over the last few decades, the focus on solar photovoltaic (SPV) systems to meet the growing clean power demand has increased manifold but their success largely depends on their storage efficiency. Our low-maintenance and high-performance solar batteries provide an optimal solution to the commonly faced problems in this area.

Key Features
  • Low maintenance and high performance 
  • New improved grid design 
  • High purity Lead Oxide used for active material 
  • New long-life separators. 
  • Quick recovery from deep Sulphation 
  • New aesthetic and durable container

Technical Specifications
  • Solar Power Conditioning Units (PCU) 
  • Solar Energy Storage Systems (ESS) 
  • Tractors 
  • Generator Sets 
  • E-Rickshaws 
  • Electric Autos




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