Statcon Powtech
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Full Solar Combos

powtech solar combos

Full Solar combination kits comprising of all components needed for an efficient solar installation

The Powtech X Factor

The Statcon Powtech's products are the market’s only Inverter/PCU series with

Future Ready Off Grid

FutureReady Off Grid technology that allows upgrade of Off Grid system to Hybrid system at any time.

Phase Discover technology

PhaseDiscover technology that allows you to connect 3 phase systems in any grid phase sequence with zero starting problems.

Full Export technology

FullExport technology in Hybrid systems that results in 100% export (zero wastage) by exporting to grid even while charging the battery.


EnrichedMPPT technology to extract the maximum possible solar energy with 99% algorithm efficiency.

Remote Eye technology

RemoteEye technology that allows you to control and monitor your Inverter/ESS on your Mobile and PC.

Big Battery

BigBattery uses Li-ion batteries ensuring long battery backup time and long life cycle.

Home Light System


An MPPT charger based solar kit with basic home devices such as mobile phone charger, fan, LED lamps etc. with optional grid charging facility.

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Solar Sewing Machine


Powtech's solar-powered sewing machine offers sustainable energy, phone charging, cooling, and illumination for remote communities. It's a versatile, eco-friendly solution for rural, industrial, and household needs.

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Solar Container


Standard marine container with PV panels, MPPT charger, SunPunch Premium PCU and battery for remote communities or emergency response.

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Residential & Commercial Combos


Discover the perfect solar power solution with our advanced configuration tool, tailored for a seamless, personalized experience. Choose between Off-grid or Hybrid PCUs/Inverters or Energy Storage Systems, all equipped with Enriched MPPT technology for 99% efficiency in solar energy extraction.

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