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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Product Suite

Single Phase Hybrid Solar PCU

The SunPunch Series
Solar Inverter/PCU

State of the art Single Phase and Three Phase Off Grid and Hybrid Power Conditioning Units (PCUs) in the range of 2 to 150 kVA.

Single Phase Self Consumption Solar ESS

The SunCumulus Series
Solar Lithium ESS

Single Phase and Three Phase Self Consumption and Energy Export Lithium Solar Energy Storage System (ESS) series in the range of 2.8 to 240 kW.

SunDeposit Series
Solar Tubular Battery

Low maintenance and high performance lead acid batteries for use with solar inverters as well as a variety of other energy storage applications.

SunSense Series
Solar Irradiance Sensor

Low cost, durable sensors developed to measure solar irradiance for photovoltaic monitoring with high accuracy and reliability

Solar Panels

Polycrystalline and MonoPERC Half cut type Photovoltaic panels that operate over a wide temperature range, delivering 10 to 550 Wp of power.

SunGrab Series
MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controller based on 99% efficient Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm that operates the panel at its peak power.

Home Light System

An MPPT charger based solar kit with basic home devices such as mobile phone charger, fan, LED lamps etc. with optional grid charging facility.

Solar Container

Standard marine container with PV panels, MPPT charger, SunPunch Premium PCU and battery for remote communities or emergency response.