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Solar Sewing Machine

Solar Sewing Machine

Solar Sewing Machine

MARKET'S ONLY Solar Sewing Machine WITH

Enriched MPPT technology

Uninterrupted usage on solar power.

Best in class efficiency for seamless use

Big Battery

Longevity-Boosted battery for prolonged usage

Charging Capability to support connectivity for mobile phones

Powtech’s solar sewing machine is a game-changer for remote communities, offering energy independence and essential utilities. Powered solely by solar energy, it provides mobile charging, cooling, and illumination, ensuring connectivity and comfort in isolated areas. With advanced technology and efficient power management, it guarantees reliable performance, benefiting households and small-scale industries.

Key Features

Solar Power Utilization ensures continuous operation

Efficiency-Optimized Design guarantees seamless use

Integrated Fan provides a refreshing breeze

Charging Capability enables connectivity for mobile phones

Built-In Lamp illuminates your space effectively

longevity-Boosted Battery supports prolonged usage

Technical Specifications


Household Application

Rural Areas

Remote Sites

Industrial Application

For Women/Workers of weaker section