SunPunch Basic Pro

3 Phase Off-Grid Solar PCU 5 kVA – 200 kVA

SP Basic Pro & Premium Pro

3 Phase Off-Grid Solar PCU 5 kVA – 200 kVA

SunPunch Basic Pro is an MNRE-approved, IEC and EN compliant, MPPT-based PCU that powers heavy-duty devices like AC using a combination of solar power, grid supply, and batteries. It is insensitive to input grid phase sequence, can reduce your electricity bills by smart peak demand management, and is the only future-proof PCU in the market that can be upgraded to Hybrid at any time to export your solar power to the grid and earn you money or electricity credits.  

Key Features
  • MNRE-approved, MPPT-based system
  • Tested as per IEC 61683, IEC 61727, EN 50530 and IEC 60068 (1, 2, 14, 30)
  • Active front-end charger
  • Low input current distortion
  • Remote device monitoring available
  • Live device data available on RS-232
  • Over 5 MW of systems successfully supplied
  • > 93% system efficiency
  • Compatible with all types of batteries
  • Can be upgraded to a grid export hybrid PCU at any time
  • Peak demand management
  • Wi-Fi enabled data through mobile application
  • Insensitive to Grid phase sequence
Market Comparison

*IEC 61683, IEC 61727 and IEC 60068 (1, 12, 14, 30) 
** EN 50530 

Technical Specifications


  • Rural Electrification
  • Remote Sites
  • Farmhouses, Schools, Offices
  • Rural Health Schemes
  • Telecom, Oil & Gas pipelines
  • Defence
  • Industrial applications
  • Hospitals, Cold stores
  • Mini grid




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