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Home Lighting System

Home Lighting System

Statcon Powtech’s Lit-Home is a solar energy solution designed to bring power to unelectrified homes worldwide. It includes essential items like 2 LED lamps, a tube light, a mobile phone charger, and a fan, all powered by solar energy. The unit features an MPPT based charge controller, battery, solar panel, and an inbuilt distribution board for efficient energy use.

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  • Microcontroller-based design.
  • MPPT controlled charging has high efficiency of up to 99%, and device efficiency > 92%.
  • Inbuilt mobile phone battery charger.
  • Data storage (for up to 3 months) and retrieval via USB. 
  • Bluetooth Communication.
  • Protection against low voltage, reverse polarity and overcharge. 
  • Automatic Float-Boost charging.
  • Separate battery current limit and total current limit. 
  • Visual status indicator for all system operations- MPPT charging, Load on & cut off, power, PV availability, Battery low & Logging status. 
  • Ability to drive up to 125W load.
  • 2 types available to drive 24V and 48V batteries.

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