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Mono PERC Half-Cut Solar Panel

Mono PERC Half-Cut Solar Panel

Experience the pinnacle of solar technology with Statcon Powtech’s Monocrystalline Solar Panels – designed for unmatched efficiency and durability! Boasting an impressive 21% efficiency and backed by a solid 12-year warranty and 25-year performance warranty, our panels deliver consistent, reliable power. They stand out for their space efficiency, requiring minimal space while outperforming their counterparts. With a longer lifespan that exceeds the warranty period, these panels excel in high-heat conditions. Choose Statcon Powtech for a solar solution that blends cutting-edge performance with enduring reliability, shaping a brighter and sustainable energy future!

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• Superior module efficiency and better field reliability
• Multi-busbar technology based half-cut Mono PERC cells
• Reduced internal cell resistance & increased power output
• Excellent PID Resistance Excellent performance in partial shading & low light conditions
• Increased tolerance to microcracks and hotspots
• PID Resistant M10 cells and encapsulants
• Salt mist & ammonia resistant
• AR Coated tempered PV glass
• Only positive power tolerance
• Certified to with stand harsh environmental conditions
• 100% EL Inspected to ensure micro-crack free modules

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