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SunCumulus Premium Pro Series
(3-Phase Energy Export Solar ESS)

SunCumulus Premium Pro Series
(3-Phase Energy Export Solar ESS)


Fully certified, highly efficient, MPPT-based, Lithium ESS with active front-end charging for heavy appliances while being insensitive to input grid phase sequence. Ultramodern, Wi-Fi monitored ESS that optimizes power flow across grid, solar, and battery for all types of appliances to minimize your electricity bills.


• Built with MNRE approved, MPPT based 3 Phase Hybrid PCU
• Active front-end charger
• Low Input current distortion
• Remote device monitoring available
• Local device monitoring on R$232
• Over 5 MW of systems successfully supplied
• > 93% system efficiency
• Compatible with all types of batteries
• Can be converted to a Self Consumption Solar ESS
• Peak demand management available
• Wi-fi enabled data through mobile application.
• Insensitive to input Grid phase sequence

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(3-Phase Energy Export Solar ESS)”

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