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SunSense Series
(Solar Irradiance Sensor)

SunSense Series
(Solar Irradiance Sensor)


Staton Powtech’s solar irradiance sensors, used for photovoltaic monitoring, consist of a mono-crystalline silicon cell with special solar glass lamination for long-term stability. These sensors are cost-effective, reliable, durable and highly accurate.


• Box made of UV resistant polycarbonate
• Screw-less terminal for solar cell connection
• High-precision shunt resistor directly soldered to the P B
• Laminated cell integrated into a powder-coated MS case
• Mono-crystalline silicon cell
• Temperature sensor NTC 10K used to measure the cell temperature
• Each sensor calibrated with reference to a standard calibrated sensor
• Accuracy of monthly sums of the sensor as per ISO 9060
• Operating temperature: – 35 C° to 80 °C
• Accuracy better than 15%


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(Solar Irradiance Sensor)”

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