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SunGrab Series
(MPPT Solar Charge Controller)

SunGrab Series
(MPPT Solar Charge Controller)


Statcon Powtech’s Solar Charge Controllers are designed to enhance the efficiency of photovoltaic systems, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including homes, offices, and remote installations. Utilizing advanced microprocessors, these controllers offer a significant increase in energy transfer efficiency, ensuring more power is harnessed from your solar panels.


  • Adapting MPPT Charging algorithm that tracks the maximum power point of the solar cell 
  • High conversion efficiency of > 94% 
  • Remote monitoring via standard RS 232/485 bus. 
  • Float boost technology
  • Bluetooth availability which is used to store data for period of 3 months
  • User configurable battery under-cut feature. 
  • Battery backup time – 4hours on a load of 200W  
  • Temperature compensation for VRLA Battery charging. 
  • Battery reverse polarity protection & Indication. 
  • Extensive Electronic features which include short circuit protection, overload protection, solar reverse polarity protection, surge protection and many more
  • Compatible with different types of batteries
  • Can be paralleled up to any number. 
  • Operates from -10ºC to 55ºC without derating. 

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(MPPT Solar Charge Controller)”

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